All participants must abide by the following rules of conduct:

For judging purposes: All Criteria are weighted equally as excellence of hardware design comes from integration of all the following:

  • Idea Originality
    • Is the Idea well thought-out? Is the idea understandable? Is the idea unique

  • Hardware technical Complexity
    • Does the design incorporate more than basic passive components (LEDs, Resistors, etc)? Are complex components incorporated with purpose?

  • Technical Integration
    • Do the used components fulfill the requirements of the project? Does the team know why and how the components fit together?

  • Working Demo
    • Does the demo function as intended? Is it repeatable? Are there any major bugs?

  • Presentation
    • Does the team know what they are showcasing? Does the team appear to have a deep technical understanding of the project? Did the team showcase their struggles and what they have learned along the way?